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June 15, 2016

An Interview with Dataiku's CEO: Florian Douetteau

As an increasing number of organizations look for ways to take their analytics platforms to higher grounds, many of them are seriously considering the incorporation of new advanced analytics disciplines, this includes hiring data science specialists and solutions that can enable the delivery of improved data analysis and insights. As a consequence, this also triggers the emergence of new companies and offerings in this area.

Dataiku is one of these new breed of companies. With its Data Science Studio (DSS) solution, Dataiku aims to offer full data science solution for both data science experienced and non-experienced users.

In this opportunity I had the chance to interview Florian Douetteau, Dataiku’s CEO and be able to pick some of his thoughts and interesting views in regards to the data management industry and of course he’s company and software solution.
A brief Bio of Florian 

In 2000, at age 20, he dropped the prestigious “Ecole Normale Supérieure”  math courses and decided to look for the largest dataset he could find, and the hardest related problem he could solve.

That’s how he started working at Exalead, a search engine company that back at the time was developing technologies in web mining, search, natural language processing (NLP) and distributed computing. At Exalead, Florian scaled to be managing VP of Product and R&D. He stayed in the company until it was acquired in 2010 by Dassault Systèmes for $150M (a pretty large amount for French standards).

Still in 2010 when the data deluge was pouring into to new seas, Florian worked in the social gaming and online advertising industry, an industry where machine learning was already being applied on petabytes of data. Between 2010 and 2013 he held several positions as consultant and CTO.

 By 2013 Florian along with other 3 co-founders creates Dataiku with the goal of making advanced data technologies accessible to companies that are not digital giants, since then one of Florian’s main goals as CEO of Dataiku is to be able of democratizing access to Data Science.

So, you can watch the video or listen to the podcast in which Florian shares with us some of his views on the fast evolution of data science, analytics, big data and of course, his data science software solution.

 Of course, please feel free to let us know your comments and questions.


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