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September 19, 2016

IT Sapiens, for Those Who Are Not

Perhaps one of the most refreshing moments in my analyst life is when I get the chance to witness the emergence of new tech companies—innovating and helping small and big organizations alike to solve their problems with data.
This is exactly the case with Latvia-based IT Sapiens, an up-and-coming company focused on helping those small or budget-minded companies to solve their basic yet crucial data reporting issues.

Fact: Not all companies Are IT Sapiens
Quite often we let ourselves go and fall for all hype technologies and those companies adopting them: Big Data, large analytics deployments, and such others. We often forget that a large number of companies are still facing much more basic problems such as basic reporting and analytics, thinking this is only a thing of the past.
Well, not too long ago I had the opportunity to speak with IT Sapiens, a start-up company that is still working on the provision of day-to-day reporting and analytics solutions for a large number of small and emerging companies that need practical and easy yet effective analytics solutions, and of course at a more accessible price.
Led by young entrepreneur and analytics expert Eva Narunovska as its chief executive officer (CEO), IT Sapiens has developed solutions for a—to my surprise, I have to admit—large community of open-source customer relationship management (CRM) solutions SugarCRM and Vtiger.
According to Eva’s and her team’s experience, many of these organizations keep struggling with the inherent complications of performing advanced reporting and analysis with these two open-source CRM solutions, not to mention the need for a reporting solution with an optimal performance and overall neat integration with them.
Based on this need, IT Sapiens has developed a solution based on a proprietary SQL engine technology that allows organizations that are not tech savvy to deploy reporting and analytics solutions that work on top of both SugarCRM and Vtiger, enabling them to enhance their analytics and reporting capabilities with a tightly integrated solution.

IT Sapiens: Simplicity, flexibility, and neat integration
The IT Sapiens offering spans over three main software products:

The Analytics reporting for SugarCRM
A solution that enables the authoring of dynamic reports and interactive charts based on SugarCRM’s data. The reporting tool includes features to modify reports and charts, sort and group a collection of predefined reports to ease the development process, as well as add an unlimited number of groups.
The tool includes a good-quality, flexible chart and map library (see figure) for developing versatile charts and dashboards.

Figure. SugarCRM Dashboard with IT Sapiens Charts and Maps
The following a brief demo of IT Sapiens’ reporting for SugarCRM capabilities.

An Advanced reporting for VtigerCRM
A solution to enable advanced reporting and analytics integrated with VtigerCRM. The tool integrates with VtigerCRM and allows users to configure reports and charts as well modify and adjust filters, sorting, and grouping criteria.
According to IT Sapiens, the module can be quickly and easily installed by using Vtiger’s Module Manager to enable the reporting tool to be ready in a matter of minutes. As with the version for SugarCRM, the reporting tools come with predefined reports and functionality to let users start using the reporting and analysis tool to, for example, compare sales results and identify sales channels quickly. Some of this functionality can be seen in the following video.

IT Sapiens also offers an Advanced calendar for VtigerCRM, which can be configured and customized to expands Vtiger’s native capabilities, such as quick registry options and easy event search and filtering and integration with Google Calendar.

IT Sapiens: Key takeaway
Producing practical and not pretentious solutions, IT Sapiens fits well within the small and medium (SMB) market. The company targets those organizations in need for analytics and reporting solutions with minimal requirements for information technology (IT) footprints and, most of the time, kind of left behind by the bigger software vendors. IT Sapiens can run both on premise via a web-based solution that can be deployed on Windows and Linux, and in the cloud for SugarCRM users via Sugar’s cloud partner program with an accessible subscription-based program.
One interesting fact about this small tech company is that its growing customer footprint of more than 130 customers spans globally, especially across Europe in countries such UK and Germany, where a good number of businesses using open-source software from Sugar and Vtiger seem to find in IT Sapiens a good fit for their reporting and analytics needs.
On the recommendation side, I like the simplicity and neatness of IT Sapiens’ offerings and its integration aspect. It would be nice to see whether IT Sapiens expand its offering to other markets, not necessarily open source. I wouldn’t be surprised if organizations using commercial CRM systems would be interested in having their hands on an analytics and reporting solution that is easy to integrate, deploy, and exploit, with a simplicity and efficiency that can go a long way.
Again, as an analyst, I always find it gratifying to be able to report on what is going about promising tech companies that are emerging locally and abroad, and making a difference by helping customers solve their day-to-day data problems or disrupt the market with new offerings and technologies.

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