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November 17, 2017

IBM's Integrated Analytics System Joins the Ranks of Full Powered Analytics Platforms

As we get deeper into an era of new software platforms both, big players and newcomers are industriously working to reshape or launch their proposed new-generation analytics platforms, especially aiming to appeal to the growing community of new information workers or “data scientists” ㅡa community always eager to attain the best possible platform to “crunch the numbers”ㅡ, examples include those including Teradata with its new analytics platform or Cloudera with its Data Science Workbench.

So now the turn is for IBM, which recently unveiled its Integrated Analytics System. IBM’s new offering represents the company’s unified data system aimed to provide organizations with easy, yet sophisticated platform for the development of data science within data from on-premises, private, public of hybrid cloud environments.

The new offering coming from the “Big Blue” company is set to incorporate a myriad of data science tools and functionality features as well as the proper data management processes for developing and deploying advanced analytics models in-place.

The new offering aims to allow data scientists to easily perform all data science tasks, including moving workloads to the public cloud to begin automating their businesses with machine learning easily and rapidly.

The system is built on the IBM common SQL engine to enable users can use a common language and engine across both hosted and cloud-based databases allowing them to move and query data across multiple data stores, including Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, or Hortonworks Data Platform.

According to IBM, the Integrated Analytics System, the product team has developed the platform to blend and make the system work seamlessly work with IBM’s Data Science Experience, Apache Spark and the Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, where:

  • The Data Science Experience is set to provide the set of necessary critical data science tools and a collaborative work space
  • Apache Spark set to enable in-memory data processing to speed analytic applications
  • Db2 Warehouse on Cloud to enable deployment and management of cloud-based Db2 Warehouse on Cloud clusters within a single management framework

All aimed for data scientists to allow them create new analytic models that then developers can make use of for developing and deploying intelligent applications easily and rapidly.

According to Vitaly Tsivin, Executive Vice President at AMC Networks:

“The combination of high performance and advanced analytics – from the Data Science Experience to the open Spark platform – gives our business analysts the ability to conduct intense data investigations with ease and speed. The Integrated Analytics System is positioned as an integral component of an enterprise data architecture solution, connecting IBM Netezza Data Warehouse and IBM PureData System for Analytics, cloud-based Db2 Warehouse on Cloud clusters, and other data sources.”

The Integrated Analytics System is built with the IBM common SQL engine to enable users to seamlessly integrate the unit with cloud-based warehouse solutions and, to provide users with an option to easily move workloads seamlessly to public or private cloud environments with Spark clusters, for their specific requirements.

Some capabilities and power include:

  • Asymmetric massively parallel processing (AMPP) with IBM Power technology and flash memory storage hardware
  • Ability to built on the IBM PureData System for Analytics, and the previous IBM Netezza data warehouse offerings
  • Support for variety of data types and data services, including the Watson Data Platform and IBM Db2 Warehouse On Cloud, to Hadoop and IBM BigSQL.

Also, the new Integrated Analytics System incorporates hybrid transactional analytical processing (HTAP) where HTAP can run predictive analytics, transactional and historical data on the same database at faster response times.

Additionally, the Integrated Analytics System is designed to provide built-in data virtualization and compatibility with the rest of the IBM data management product stack including Netezza, Db2, and IBM PureData System for Analytics.

According to IBM, later this year, the company has plans to incorporate support for HTAP within the IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS to enable the new platform to seamlessly integrate with IBM z Systems infrastructures.

A new “data science” platform era?

It seems a major reshaping is ongoing in the BI and analytics software market as new-generation solutions keep emerging or getting more robust.

It also seems this transformation, seen from the user perspective of view is enabling traditional business intelligence tasks to evolve, blurring the lines between the traditional BI analysis and that coming from data science, helping departments to evolve their BI teams more naturally into robust advanced analytics departments and even easing somehow the educational process these departments need to overcome to make their personnel evolve with the times.

It seems we are seeing a new era in the evolution of enterprise BI/analytics/data science platforms that are about to take over the world. A new space worth to keep an eye on, I think.

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